Our Story

My name is Willow Bee and I am 8 years old and the creator of Flwoof. 
I design vibrant fun towels for pets and people who love them.
This is me and our dog Ray and we adopted him here in the UAE. When we adopted Ray, we took him for his first ever day at the beach and he was so wet and sandy. He loved it!
My mum was trying to dry him and get the sand out of his fur. Everything she tried didn't work. That is when I realised that it would be awesome to create a towel for pets that was quick dry and that didn't hold sand. This is how I created Flwoof. 
My mum is Kimberlee and she has helped me turn my designs into towels. Mum manages the business side of Flwoof including our social media pages and everything else that requires an adult to do. I pack all the orders and get them shipped out to our customers. I even sometimes get to hand deliver the packages and get to meet awesome pupstars!
My family and I love all different animals and are very passionate about helping those in need.
We donate 10% of every Flwoof sale to registered animal organisations within the UAE so by purchasing one of our Flwoof products you are helping make a difference in an animals life.
At Flwoof we are also a proud sponsor of K9 Friends - a volunteer run organisation here in the UAE. You can find out more about K9 Friends and how you to can help by visiting www.k9friends.com
- Willow Cheah x