K9 Friends Support



Early in 2022 we were fortunate to be given the opportunity to adopt Ray, our Yorkie pup, and it was he who was the inspiration behind Flwoof. As a family of animal lovers, we are always looking at ways to support our local animal rescue community and help animals like Ray find their forever home.

At Flwoof we are a proud sponsor of K9 Friends - volunteer run organisation, here in the UAE.

This year Flwoof has proudly sponsored a full kennel (Number 7) which houses two pups Marina & Hercules. By sponsoring a kennel it assists to keep the dogs in a healthy and clean environment and provides for them for a year. 

We also have four individual yearly sponsorships for "Butterscotch", "Roxy", "Nigit" and "Cranberry" who are all awaiting their forever home.

At Flwoof we have a goal to sponsor as many dogs as we can each year. 10% of every order at Flwoof contributes towards our sponsorships. You can read more about the dogs we have sponsored on our Instagram page.

You can find out more about K9 Friends and how you to can help by visiting www.k9friends.com and you may even find a special dog to open your home to.

Dogs we have sponsored

Butterscotch & Roxy
Nigit & Cranberry