Flwoof Pet Towels

What are the dimensions of Flwoof towels? 

Our Flwoof towels measure 75cm W x 135cm L. This is the perfect size for a dog or small pet. The drawstring bag measures 17cm W x 25cm H. In total the weight once packaged is 200grm 

What is the best way to wash Flwoof towels? 

We recommend a machine wash on cold setting and hang out to dry. Flwoof towels dry very quick. You will be surprised. The more you wash the towel the softer it becomes. You can also tumble dry on normal setting if you wish for a small duration. Do not bleach the towel as the pattern may distort. 

What are Flwoof towels made from? 

Flwoof towels have been carefully tried and tested. They are made from Microfibre material - 85% Polyester, 15% Polyamide. This enables them to be highly absorbent, quick dry and light weight.

What is the difference between Flwoof Pet towels and Flwoof Kids towels? 

Flwoof towels were originally designed for pets. The concept behind them was so well received and we had a lot of requests for towels for kids and adults. After we tried and tested the towels and made a few adjustments, we launched the  Flwoof Kids Collection. It is the same awesome product, the same sizing, the only difference is the Flwoof branding. The kids towels have our new signature woven logo sewn on the bottom right hand corner of the towel.  

Flwoof "Kids" Towels

What are the dimensions of the kids towels? 

Our kids towels measure 75cm W x 135cm L. The matching drawstring bag measures 17cm W x 25cm H. In total the weight once packaged is 200grm.

The Paws Bandanas 

What is the sizing of the Paws bandanas?

  • XS [Extra Small] - The XS bandana is a tailored bandana, with less fabric than the S - XL bandanas
    Neck Size 7" - 10"
    Neck Size 17cm - 25cm

  • SML [Small] - Bandana Width - 55cm / 21.5"
    Neck Size 8" - 12"
    Neck Size 20cm - 30cm
  • MED [Medium] - Bandana Width - 65cm / 25.5"
    Neck Size 12" - 15"
    Neck Size 30cm - 38cm
  • LRG [Large] - Bandana Width - 75cm / 29.5"
    Neck Size 15" - 17"
    Neck Size 38cm - 42cm

  • XL [Extra large] - Bandana Width - 90cm / 35.5"
    Neck Size 17" - 23"
    Neck Size 42cm - 58cm

What if I am unsure what size I should purchase?

If you are unsure about the size you need, we always recommend going up a size.

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